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Appliance411 voted one of the 'Best of the Internet' in 2003! Since 1997 we have operated our information site with the hopes of empowering consumers and homeowners by helping them to become more savvy in the use and care of their major home appliances. It continues to be our goal to raise the quality and quantity of unique material and useful services found nowhere else and to expand the usefulness of our site. This is a time consuming and costly effort, at a time when the on-line advertising industry has all but collapsed.

If you've found our web site helpful or enlightening, perhaps you will consider giving something back? Share the Appliance411 web site with your friends and family, create a link to our site from yours, make a donation, visit our advertisers! Even if you're already familiar with our advertisers' products and services, coming here first and following a link to them before making a purchase helps our site gain credibility and earn much needed revenue.

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Appliance411 voted one of the top 101 most incredibly useful web sites by PC Magazine!If you're just browsing and not in need of any immediate purchases, perhaps you would consider a direct donation to ensure we're still here when you may REALLY need us? Any amount you contribute will be gratefully received and put towards maintaining and developing the Appliance411 web site. As little as $5 can honestly make a difference, although if you think our site has been a bigger help and can afford to donate more, then by all means please do so. Your donation will be put to good use keeping this site available into the future.

If you are part of a business or organization that is never likely to make purchases from our advertisers, please consider a direct donation to help defray our costs. It is not fair that individual consumers support our site yet businesses utilize our services day after day while many never contribute to its continued operation at all.

We have arranged to accept direct donations through PayPal. PayPal (an eBay company) is a service which allows small on-line businesses to easily accept credit card payments. We have found PayPal services to be secure and an easy way for us to accept such payments. Just use the PayPal link below to donate to the Appliance411 web site using most major credit cards or an existing PayPal account.

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This page is not to make you feel sorry for us nor is it to beg for donations. It is meant more to allow you realize how much effort is involved in this site's creation and continued maintenance and to realize that, somewhere in all of that effort, there IS a cost.

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